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Dr. Becky Acosta - Recon Senior Economist

Dr. Becky Acosta joined Recon Research Corporation in 2009. She has done research on public finance, public policy, industrial organization, and regulation. Prior to joining Recon, Dr. Acosta was a Research Associate at Law & Economics Consulting Group (LECG). She also ran the California Census Research Data Center at UCLA. Upon being "restructured" out of the Census job, she decided to turn her crafts hobby into a full-time business. After two years of being a starving artist, she gave in and got a "real" job here at Recon.

Dr. Acosta received her B.A. in Economics from U.C. Berkeley, and her Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA. Her dissertation looked at the unintended consequences of federal college financial aid rules.

Dr. Acosta currently lives in Granada Hills with her husband and seven pets. In her spare time away from Recon, she still maintains her business making and selling polymer clay jewelry and gourd art, is an active member of two local craft guilds, is President of a non-profit organization, and belly dances. We here at Recon Research are beginning to wonder if she ever sleeps.

Dr. Acosta can be contacted at bacosta@reconcorp.com

All Recon Staff can be contacted by also calling (323) 655-3500.